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RESO 2022 Spring Conference: Agenda Up, Late Registration Options

The 2022 RESO Spring Conference will be held April 25–28 in Tucson, Arizona. We’re excited to see you there! The agenda is up and ready for perusal. | VIEW AGENDA

We are now officially in late registration, and in-person spots are almost sold out! If you’d like to attend in person, make sure to register this week. You can also join us through our livestream option which will include all of the sessions. 


Door Prize Opportunities Still Available for RESO 2022 Spring Conference

Providing a door prize gives your company a fantastic, low-cost marketing opportunity that gets your brand on center stage. If you would like to contribute, please contact with the following information:

  • the prize(s) your company will be providing
  • if you will bring the prizes(s) in person or ship directly to the venue

We will release the list of door prize providers in upcoming conference promotions and hope to include your organization on the list!

New Members

SkySlope is a real estate technology company based in Sacramento, California, that provides a customer experience platform for real estate brokers and agents that includes digital transaction management software and real estate forms.

Styldod understands that good listing imagery is the cornerstone of the home selling process. They help you quickly, easily and inexpensively edit and enhance photos, remove clutter and virtually stage rooms.

We’re glad to have them as RESO members!

WWRED (Pronounced “Red”)

RESO’s Working with Real Estate Data (WWRED) course for real estate professionals covers all angles of real estate data. Who owns it? How does it flow through the industry? What is involved in standardizing it?

The first WWRED course focuses on the business side of data with a designation of “RED-B” given to those who complete the course. A second course in development will be more technical in nature with a designation of “RED-T”.

In each issue of RESO Monthly, we will cover new information about the WWRED course, who has completed it, how it is helping designees and more. Thanks to many of you, the value of the WWRED course is proving to be as high as we hoped it would be, so we will keep spreading the word. | SEE THE LIST OF CURRENT RED-B DESIGNEES

On the RESO Blog – RESO Identifiers Three-Part Series

Providing identification is a basic aspect of moving about in the world, and we all have several IDs to manage. In the real estate world alone, there are a series of identifiers, including a tax ID, agent license ID and the ID number assigned by the National Association of REALTORS®.

RESO is in the process of building or upgrading three crucial IDs that will help manage industry uniqueness.

Universal Property Identifier (UPI) | Unique Organization Identifier (UOI) | Unique Licensee Identifier (ULI)

Follow each link to learn more about how RESO identifiers are being designed to help businesses maintain their systems in a more simplified, deduplicated manner. Identifiers are invaluable tools that can be used to track source data to a specific MLS for vendors, locate agents across multiple states and MLSs for associations, and manage properties in a fixed way across multiple MLSs.


This is “RESO At,” a space where we highlight our involvement in industry events.

RESO@ Association Executives Institute (AEI)
RESO CEO, Sam DeBord, was part of a panel discussion entitled “The Importance of MLS Data, Standards, Rules & Compliance” at AEI. The session included MLS and MLS vendor executives, including Glenn Christoph from Intermountain MLS, Leesa Baker from REcolorado and Michael Wurzer from FBS. The importance of clean, uniform data when importing listings to the MLS was discussed, among other topics. Abiding by RESO’s unique nomenclature is crucial when transporting data.

RESO@ 2022 REALTORS® Legislative Meetings
RESO will be exhibiting on the expo floor on May 3–4, 2022, at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center at the National Harbor in Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC. Stop by Booth 325 to chat about the RED-B designation, our identifier products and how to get involved in a RESO workgroup. Or just say hi. We love visiting with our members!

Three Questions

Three Questions is an interview series that introduces you to real estate industry professionals, their businesses and how they interact with real estate standards with a goal of humanizing the tech side of the industry, fun included. | SEE ALL THREE QUESTIONS INTERVIEWS ON THE RESO WEBSITE 

New interviews are released on Fridays. Here’s who has been interviewed since the last RESO Monthly:


Meeting Spotlight – UPI Workgroup

The UPI Workgroup has been making some leaps forward this year, and it’s looking like the momentum will continue. MLSs and MLS vendors are in active exploration of how to implement the Universal Property Identifier (UPI) into their systems. On a different front, the Distributed Ledger Workgroup is helping to identify issues in building a UPI Registry.

At the 2022 RESO Spring Conference in Tucson, Arizona, you will hear about how management challenges can arise when aggregating and sharing data between many organizations. Learn how MLSListings, based in Sunnyvale, California, implemented the RESO UPI standard, the practical challenges it solved and what they envision comes next for technology efficiency in a presentation by Olga Ermolin, Director of Engineering, and Joel Allison, Senior Software Engineer.

RESO Workgroup Meetings

Research & Development Workgroup | March 3, 2022
The meeting covered the progress and potential adoption of the next version of the Unique Organization Identifier (UOI) model and what next steps may be taken to facilitate that. The group also went through the active R&D business cases, marking each as still active or on hold, and an update on the Unique Licensee Identifier (ULI) was provided. | CALL NOTES

Unique Licensee Identifier (ULI) Subgroup | March 4, 2022
The ULI Subgroup discussed the next steps for a white paper that will be presented at the 2022 RESO Spring Conference. Updated ULI proof-of-concept contributor agreements have been sent to participants, and the matching and deduplication portion of the project will resume shortly. | CALL NOTES

Board Liaison Committee | March 9, 2022
This meeting is held once per month in order to give workgroup chairs an opportunity to converse about their top agenda items, request help from each other and provide summary reports to the RESO Board of Directors. The reports of each chair are collected and shared as part of the meeting’s official call notes. For this month, there was no meeting, but reports were collected and compiled for sharing. | REPORTS

Transport Workgroup | March 7, 2022
The Transport Workgroup discussed different ways that RESO resources are used in production. For example, something like the Media Resource might only be available through the Property Resource, or it could be exposed at the top level. The group next discussed OData links, which potentially offer a more data consumer friendly way of consistently paging through large data sets for replication. | CALL NOTES

Interoperability Workgroup | March 8, 2022
The meeting covered the desire for data to flow between Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other management systems, including ways to gather requirements and strategies to boost adoption of RESO Data Dictionary resources to facilitate this. The topics for the upcoming 2022 RESO Spring Conference were discussed as was approval of the Transaction Management (TM) proposal. | CALL NOTES

Data Consumers Subgroup | March 10, 2022
Technology vendors, brokers and MLS representatives gathered to go over “pain points” of working with real estate data in this data transport-related offshoot of RESO’s popular biannual conference Pain Points session. There were a few topics that other groups (Transport & Data Dictionary) specifically wanted data consumer feedback on. The overall goal is to create more frequent touchpoints, identify potential areas where gaps in our standards create issues (“pain”) and create meaningful action plans to correct them in an orderly and measurable fashion. | CALL NOTES

ULI Subgroup Special Meetings | March 15 and 22, 2022
The group met two extra times in March in order to review and edit the ULI White Paper that will be presented at the 2022 RESO Spring Conference in Tucson, Arizona. The presentation will go over the development of the ULI so far, including the progress of the ULI Data Pilot.

Internet Tracking Workgroup | March 16, 2022
The group discussed UTM Parameters and the possibility of their inclusion into the RESO Data Dictionary or RESO standards in general.  Additionally, the group also went over some of the fields of the Tracking Fields 2.0.9 working sheet and discussed the potential roadblocks of national privacy laws. | CALL NOTES

Data Dictionary | March 17, 2022
The group discussed new field(s) options to satisfy the NAR Broker Attribution requirement and came to a consensus of using a single text field in the Property Resource to be voted on in the future. Additionally, the group voted to add three fields to the Property Resource to identify the property time zone. Other items discussed were tabled pending further feedback. | CALL NOTES

Certification Subgroup | March 17, 2022
The Certification Subgroup requested that new Web API Core (2.1.0) and Payloads (2.0) specifications be created to support expanded data elements and require that servers support server-driven paging. Specifications will be presented in the next Transport Workgroup meeting for further review. | CALL NOTES

Distributed Ledger Workgroup | March 22, 2022
The group met to gather feedback and suggestions for goals in the year ahead. The group also discussed the completed Universal Property Identifier (UPI) Registry Proof-of-Concept (POC) Findings Letter that will be sent to the UPI Workgroup. | CALL NOTES

Universal Property Identifier (UPI) Workgroup | March 23, 2022
The group mainly focused on the findings of the UPI Registry Proof of Concept (POC) done by the Distributed Ledger Workgroup. Additionally, the group discussed the UPI Builder application and possible changes to it. Lastly, staff from MLSListings provided an overview of work they did in implementing the UPI into their system. | CALL NOTES

Certification Analytics Subgroup | March 30, 2022
The group went over the new and improved certification process that now uses industry aggregates and reporting. Data providers will test their own systems until they are satisfied with their certification metrics and then notify their customers for review and approval. Upon approval, RESO will publish reports so that data consumers can see which markets their products will work in. Also discussed: the creation of a mission statement for this new group, the RESO Product Life Cycle, self testing by MLSs and data consumers in order to verify the results against what RESO collected, and alignment tools that can be used across providers and markets. | CALL NOTES

Upcoming RESO Workgroup Meetings

  • Thursday, April 7: Research & Development

The following meetings will be held onsite at the RESO Spring Conference in Tucson, Arizona, and are only open for onsite and livestream attendees. | REGISTER FOR THE CONFERENCE

  • Tuesday, April 26: Data Dictionary
  • Tuesday, April 26: Interoperability
  • Wednesday, April 27: ULI (Subgroup of Research & Development)
  • Wednesday, April 27: Research & Development
  • Wednesday, April 27: Transport
  • Thursday, April 28: Distributed Ledger
  • Thursday, April 28: Universal Property Identifier (UPI)
  • Thursday, April 28: Data Consumers (Subgroup of Transport)