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During the 2022 RESO Spring Conference, the Broker Advisory Workgroup meeting continued a new conference tradition called the “Tech Spotlight Session,” in which a brokerage industry professional who is involved with a broker’s technology stack is profiled.

The series has been a marvelous success so far. Last fall, we featured Derek Taylor of JPAR, and last year at this time, we featured Nina Dosanjh, Director of Strategic Alliances and Technology at Vanguard Properties. Lucky for RESO, that year-ago profile presented us with a viable candidate for the Broker Advisory Workgroup’s vice-chair position, which Nina has held since February. 

At our latest conference, Broker Advisory Workgroup Chair and IRES MLS CEO, Jeff Bosch, conducted an interview with Caitlin McCrory, VP of Industry Relations at Anywhere (formerly Realogy) the world’s largest real estate brokerage franchisor. | WATCH THE INTERVIEW

Anywhere’s brands require technology that seamlessly works with their brokers. Where many MLSs and smaller brokers are able to focus on working within one MLS, Anywhere operates in more than 500 MLSs and must scale their operations nationally.

This means that agents are working with their clients on tech that feels simple. In actuality, complex information is being aggregated from many different technology systems. With the RESO Data Dictionary as a key component to that outcome, getting that standardized data via the RESO Web API is critical.

Caitlin discussed details with Jeff on how Anywhere makes decisions about broker tech and where standards need to progress in order to streamline transactions further.

They also discussed what “industry relations” actually means in real estate circles and why having someone who understands the many moving parts of organized real estate is a great move for forward-thinking organizations.

The fact remains that even CTOs from larger real estate organizations, especially outside of MLS, aren’t always aware of what RESO is or why the Web API matters.

The RESO Broker Advisory Workgroup meets four to six times per year, and the next meeting is on Thursday, June 23, at 2:00 pm ET / 11:00 am PT. If you are not already on the invitation list, please write to us at to sign up and be what Caitlin called a “RESO Evangelist” during the interview.