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With a technology career that spans three decades, Rob Larson is one of RESO’s most knowledgeable volunteers as chair of its Data Dictionary Workgroup. Larson also is the Chief Information Officer of the California Regional Multiple Listing Service (CRMLS), the largest MLS in the nation.


In this video interview, Larson discussed how being RESO Platinum Certified benefits both MLSs and brokerages. “One of the advantages of being involved in RESO is having future perspective on where things are going,” said Larson.

RESO Data Dictionary updates allow the ability for coordinated changes for both vendors and end-users. CRMLS has been Data Dictionary Platinum Certified – RESO’s highest-level – since 2015.

RESO Platinum Certification benefits CRMLS membership because CRMLS makes the Data Dictionary native to the MLS system, creating a streamlined consistency between MLS system input and third-party products.

Larson discussed why vendors are benefiting from RESO and explained the importance of the stability and consistency the organization provides.

“I think we all see that we’re changing things – keeping up with the Dictionary as it’s growing,” said Larson. He further stated that with each new version of the Data Dictionary, “the expectation is that level of change is going to drop dramatically.”

Brokers who are members of multiple MLSs benefit from the consistency that occurs with RESO standards.

“There are some brokers that very clearly see the benefit,” said Larson. “They are in the position of aggregating data. They are in the position of being members of multiple MLSs, so that consistency really lowers the cost of operation for their technology ventures.”

Larson offered MLSs advice on how to prepare for RESO Platinum Certification:

  1. organize your communications
  2. have a laundry list of benefits ready to share with members

Ultimately, when the Data Dictionary is rolled out and the listing form changes, “there’s a pain point to the membership,” said Larson. Re-educating members on new terminology is important and should not be overlooked.

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