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Photo: The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota

The beautiful white sand beaches, the serene turquoise waters, the cultural richness of the Opera House and the excitement of its world-renowned Film Festival have all contributed to the richness of Sarasota, Florida. And now, to add to its repertoire, this Florida Gulf Coast city will be the site for this year’s RESO Fall Conference.

Like sailors being called to the lush shores of Sarasota, we are “all hands on deck” in preparation to host the vanguards of the real estate industry.

Here are nine reasons why you should join us. Let’s go!

Web API Has Arrived. It’s happening. The shift from RETS to the modern way of data transport between systems is here. Learn who is ahead of the curve, how they did it and how you can be next.

Photo: The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota

Amazing Venue and Location. RESO is known for creating conference experiences in intimate settings amidst beautiful surroundings. Providing a relaxing environment in which to get real business done has become a calling card, and The Ritz-Carlton Sarasota, where most sessions will be held, absolutely fits the bill. Not to mention that The Westin Sarasota is just next door, as well as numerous shops, restaurants and other outdoor attractions to enjoy in perfect weather.

Best Networking in RE. The “best” checks out if you ask past attendees. Our conference is purposefully managed so attendees have the opportunity for  meaningful conversations with industry leaders.

RESO 101.  We continually complement our RESO veterans with fresh faces in order to establish the next generation of leaders. If you are relatively new to the RESO family, attend this morning session to understand the basics of the Data Dictionary, the Web API, certification, identifiers and more.

Preso Innovo. Okay, we’ll admit that that’s not really a term, but it sure sounds like an awesome feature of the stately Ritz. Said correctly, we mean presentation innovation. Brokers, MLSs and tech firms will gain insight from a lineup of speakers that will discuss the latest in real estate standards and PropTech. 

Photo: The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota

Work the Workgroups. All registered attendees are encouraged to collaborate at our onsite workgroup meetings. It’s okay if you missed the last few Zoom calls. The in-person meetings provide a quick overview of what you might have missed before delving into the topics that will inspire you to join monthly calls thereafter.

Functional Wardrobe. RESO does clothing right. Socks, hats and especially our clever conference t-shirts are a must for your fall fashion. Shirts are sponsored by local conference MLS, Stellar MLS.

Amenities+. The networking lounge presented by Bright MLS, roundtable sessions presented by CoreLogic and evening receptions will return. Daily breakfasts and lunches, the MLS Grid Bloody Mary bar and the Constellation1 mimosa bar are back as well. Without our generous sponsors, none of this would be possible, and we will be thanking each of them regularly over the next few months. If you are interested in sponsorship, contact Suzanne Biegenzahn at

Pain = Gain. Boxing gear will be passed out at the door for our signature session in which brokers, data consumers, MLS staff, MLS vendors, association executives and even the hotel staff brawl in a cage match to the dea–. It’s not like that at all, we promise, but we definitely want to hear from you! Pain Points sessions politely set the tone for RESO’s strategic objectives, and we cannot do great work without an open and honest forum that expresses what needs to be solved right now.