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The number 12 has made its mark on society: 12 months, 12 numbers on a clock face, 12 jury members, 12 phone keys and 12 days of Christmas. The 12-inch LP has made a comeback, the 12-bar blues is a delectable chord progression and Hercules carried out 12 labors. The list of accomplishments by the number 12 measures in the dozens, so it shall serve as a device for expressing the expected excellence of the RESO 2022 Spring Conference.

Sonoran Desert

1) Best-in-Class Speakers. Brokers, MLSs and tech firms will gain insight directly from an onstage lineup that will cover what’s now and next in real estate standards and #proptech. We’ve already lined up some great sessions, but there’s still room for a few more. The deadline for speaker submissions is February 28, 2022.

2) Amazing Venue. The JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass Resort & Spa includes a decadent list of activities and venues to enjoy beyond the conference, including revitalizing spa services, relaxing massages and fitness classes. The Salud Terrace serves as a gathering spot each morning for the traditional Native American ceremony and unique Sonoran Desert experience known as Mitakuye Oyasin (Mee-Tah-Kay Awe-Sin) and at 5:30 pm each evening for a Tequila Toast. ¡Arriba, Abajo, al Centro, al Dentro, Salud! (Up, down, out and in, to your health!)

3) Fantastic Collaboration. RESO conferences offer incredible networking opportunities with the real estate industry leaders that move technology forward. We purposefully manage our conference attendance to increase the likelihood of having meaningful conversations. To help drive the spirit of collaboration, Rental Beast is sponsoring a networking lounge for conference attendees to meet with each other, network or just relax.

4) Rockin’ Roundtables. Some of our best collaborative efforts take place in a series of interactive roundtable sessions, where you go from passive viewer to active participant in the day’s agenda. What happens at these tables often leads directly to new RESO initiatives, and we’re appreciative of Stellar MLS for this year’s roundtable sponsorship.

5) Wondrous Workgroups. Twice a year, RESO workgroups have engaging onsite meetings that add the kind of energy to the proceedings that a Zoom meeting just can’t match. All registered attendees are welcome and encouraged to collaborate at any workgroup meeting.

6) Collectible T-Shirts. Everyone gets one of our infamous RESO Conference t-shirts (+ swag) to add to or start your collection. This spring’s offering will be sponsored by CoreLogic.

7) Outstanding Outdoor Oasis. The scenery around the resort is stunning, with plentiful views of the region’s iconic saguaro cacti while playing on one of three nine-hole championship golf courses or enjoying an early morning hike starting at the resort’s well-placed trailhead. The exclusive, complimentary collection of outdoor water features is available to conference attendees, including a lazy river, a water slide, springs and a multi-level pool.

8) Energetic Onsite and Livestream Gathering. We want all to feel welcome, and we will once again make it possible to keep up with all sessions, no matter where you are. To top it off, door prizes will be available for onsite and virtual attendees!

9) Fab On-site Receptions. Thanks to our amazing sponsors, each day will include on-site social gatherings to unwind after tightening the screws of real estate tech all day. Monday’s welcome reception at Star Pass Circle will be sponsored in part by Southern Arizona MLS, a Tuesday happy hour will be sponsored by and Wednesday’s “Last Call with TourZazz” will take place at Plunge Poolside Dining.

10) Stratospheric Off-site Gathering. RESO reaches for the stars in its endeavors, and RentSpree is helping us prove that point with an incredible reception at the sky-high venue, Pima Air & Space Museum, for our Tuesday reception, which includes admission to the museum.

11) Delicious Bloody Mary Bar. It returns and will continue to return, especially with the help of sponsors like Canopy MLS.

12) Positive Pain Points. The session last fall was our most spirited ever, and we have no reason to believe this spring’s session will be otherwise. A mimosa bar will be open beforehand to tingle the senses ahead of the spine-tingling conversation. The pleasure (mimosas) and pain (points) are sponsored by Constellation1.

With that, we close out this chapter of “12 Reasons” like TB12, Tom Brady, feeling accomplished and ready for what’s next. We’re excited to host you and to achieve great things in the real estate industry together. Please note that our hotel block is more than halfway sold out, so don’t delay! | REGISTER TODAY


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