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You remember the 1980s. You sat by your radio with your finger hovering over the record button on your stereo cassette player, trying to capture a song at just the right time. Your cassette tapes were highly curated mixes shared with friends, family and even crushes.

You filled up all 90 minutes of side A and side B with rad songs that would emanate from your car speakers and your boombox.

But the chore of spooling back cassette ribbons with No. 2 pencils after the tape got “eaten” was sure to be the downfall of the fragile cassette. By the late 1990s, “burning” compact discs took over from recording cassettes, bringing new digital life to the “mixtape” phenomenon. 

As the 21st century progressed, popular hip hop artists like Lil Wayne, Drake, Chance the Rapper, Nicki Minaj and Nobel Prize winner, Kendrick Lamar, used the mixtape term to identify independently released albums issued freely to the public to enhance publicity.

No matter the format or style or definition, the mixtape has embodied the same essential flavor over the years: the tracks are chosen with care, meaning, dexterity and even love. Mixtape creators tend to be at the forefront of what the technology will bear, just like our RESO members.

This year’s RESO Remix conference is a modern mixtape. We’ve mashed together workgroups and speakers that flow like these collaborations were perfectly planned (they were). Our playlist is just right for that special someone you want to share it with. Hit play and enjoy the variety of flavors for your listening pleasure. | VIEW THE AGENDA

Need specifics? Here are 12 reasons to attend RESO Remix, Tuesday–Thursday, April 20–22, 2021, because a top 10 can’t contain our youthful spirit of ingenuity. | REGISTER

  1. Low Price. How sweet is just $199 for members and $299 for non-members for a three-day remote event that touches on the most relevant points of modern real estate?

Eurythmics – “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This”

  1. Swag(ger). Our amazing event swag boxes will make you want to party in 2021 like it’s 1999 by way of a 1982 hit song. Our last remote mailer received a lot of nice comments. Well, get ready, because these #RESOremote boxes are packed with a next-level number of goodies from our incredible sponsors.

Prince – “1999”

  1. Sponsors. RESO events are some of the most memorable experiences in the industry in large part to the support of our amazing sponsors.

.realtor + .realestate (National Association of REALTORS®),, ShowingTime, Zillow

CoreLogic, Constellation1, dynaConnections, MLS Grid, Stellar MLS, SolidEarth (TRIBUS)

CRS Data, Systems Engineering, Inc. (SEI), Tech Helpline 

FBS, Black Knight, Inc.,, Lone Wolf Technologies, (LemonBrew),
Realtors Property Resource® (RPR), RE/MAX, Rental Beast, RentSpree

Spandau Ballet – “Gold”

  1. Roundtable “Mixers.” We’ll be providing a metric ton of variety to the roundtables this year. Topics will range from hot industry issues to new tech trends and beyond the beyond. The mixers will intrigue, excite and provide something for everyone.

The Cars – “Shake It Up”

  1. “Pain Points.” It’s become the most popular RESO session. This is a premier opportunity to get involved in the strategic objectives of RESO. What gets discussed here tends to be exactly what gets worked on in the year ahead.

John Mellencamp – “Hurts So Good”

  1. Bingo! Sponsored by Systems Engineering, Inc. (SEI Navica), virtual bingo is back by popular demand. Prizes are a bonus, of course, but there’s also a wicked little charge that comes from filling up your entire board.

Chris Isaak – “Wicked Game”

  1. Hashtags! At RESO, this is how we do it. Bring out your best or rely on our official #RESOremix event hashtag, our evergreen #RockYourRESO hashtag or the classic work-from-home stylings of #RESOhairdontcare.

Montel Jordan – “This is How We Do It”

  1. Side A & B Session Tracks. Just like flipping the tape, we’ll be flipping the sessions from day to day. While it’s true that most artists try to pack the hits on side A, the first song on side B is usually a killer, too, especially on mixtapes…not to mention those hidden tracks!

Cameo – “Back and Forth”

  1. Mashup Workgroup Meetings. This year, most workgroup sessions will be a 2-for-1 affair of like-minded groups with common goals. As this is our third and hopefully final all-virtual meeting, we thought it time to increase the camaraderie in anticipation of when we can do this in person again.

Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock – “It Takes Two”

  1. Networking / Schmoozing! We did it remote last spring and last fall with great success, and we’re cashing in the trifecta for another virtual go-around.

Jamiroquai – “Virtual Insanity”

  1. Three Receptions! We’ve managed to have some memorably good times in our virtual happy hours over the last year. Let’s go out with a bang each day together! What do you say, friends?

The Rembrandts – “I’ll Be There for You”

  1. MUSIC. You know that RESO brings the party, and even our break sessions will be no exception. We’ll continually take you back to the ’80s and ’90s at the height of the mixtape era, skipping across genres and geographies. We are also literally providing a custom playlist that we think you’ll like.

Alabama – “Mountain Music”

So get ready for the healing powers of music at our music-themed RESO Remix, as we continue to work towards solving real estate’s toughest technology issues. | REGISTER TODAY