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Registration is filling up for the RESO 2023 Fall Conference. Please join us in San Diego, CA, October 24–26, with an opening reception on October 23.

Paradise Point Resort & Spa1. Paradise – Our host venue, Paradise Point Resort & Spa, is pleasantly tucked away on Mission Bay in San Diego. When you’re not at the conference center, the resort features bungalow-style guest rooms amidst tropical gardens, tranquil lagoons, five swimming pools and one mile of sandy beach with bonfire pits.

2. Actionable Workgroup Meetings – RESO members are subject matter experts that create the likes of the RESO Data Dictionary, Web API and Universal Property Identifier (UPI). Onsite workgroups review recent activity, vote on paths of action and solicit new problems to solve. There is something for everyone amidst the workgroup sessions.

Paradise Point Resort & Spa3. Business Cases Become Business Solutions – Bring your business needs to the table for collaboration, and RESO can wrap them in industry standards. Recent discussions have included standards for showings, agent safety, rentals, commercial properties, Internet of Things, co-ownership and even pickleball courts.

4. Get to Know RESO – RESO is indispensable in the industry with a membership that includes hundreds of MLSs, associations, technology companies and brokers actively using RESO standards. Some sessions are for the GitHub crowd, some sessions are for the boardroom crowd and all sessions help to educate and empower real estate professionals to work smarter.

5. Industry Insights – RESO products do not only create standards for the industry, they also provide technical insights on how the industry is using data and how markets, technology providers and consumers are aligned. Speakers experienced with using RESO products like RESO Analytics share how to drive your proptech businesses forward with standards.

Paradise Point Resort & Spa6. Crossing International Borders – With fresh energy in Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia and more, providing global standards is more than lip service at RESO. Learn more about RESO Common Format, a popular new initiative that furthers our commitment to internationalization by allowing the Data Dictionary to be consumed in the agnostic and widely used JSON data format in nearly 20 countries and counting.

7. Networking & Happiest Hours – Networking is a conference given, but RESO creates heightened opportunities for connection with real estate technology leaders amidst a right-sized crowd. You can conceivably spend meaningful time with everyone in attendance. Whether during the free daily breakfast, in the conference center, at the tiki bar or anywhere in between, RESO makes it easy to meet top industry professionals from all over the world.

Paradise Point Resort & Spa8. Pain Points RESO once leaned heavily into our popular “Pain Points” session, but a funny thing has happened on the way to the big show in recent years: the pain subsided. The session continues, because our work is not done, but the freedom to speak freely and to expect RESO to do something about it is, dare we say, no longer novel. We call this a huge win.

9. Go RED for the ww (win win) – RESO’s first foray into real estate designations has been a smashing success. The Working with Real Estate Data (wwRED) course and accompanying RED-B designation have trained more than 600 new and veteran students on how data moves through the real estate industry. We guarantee that you will never look like a noob when asking for or about housing data ever again. Come to the conference and learn more about wwRED!

10. Affordability – You won’t find a better deal with as many perks among national real estate events. RESO conferences are roughly half the admission price of other major conferences.

Register today before the price increases next month!

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