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  • Watch Data Dictionary Workgroup chair, Rob Larson, get his beard shaved off live on stage.
  • Listen to a Canadian say “Rezzo.”
  • Discuss how AI will take human jobs while threatening your brain cells at the lobby bar…and reception bar…and Bloody Mary bar…and mimosa bar.
  • Sit back and enjoy the comedy stylings of ––

No, we are not going to have stand-up comedy on stage, although you can rest assured there will be at least one dad joke in the opening remarks. Now that you’re primed, let’s get on with the real 10 reasons!


San Antonio, TX River Walk

River Walk With Me! Our host hotel is located on the famous San Antonio River Walk. Located right in the Westin’s backyard, you will find more than 15 miles of museums, historic sites, restaurants, nature preserves and river boats as far as the eye can see.

Transitioning Your Customers to RESO Web API: A Guide For MLS Leaders. After feedback from MLS staff from all over the continent and with help from industry stakeholders, we have created a starter package for making a complete move from RETS to Web API. The first wave of distribution for this guide will be at the conference, and RESO staff will be on hand to answer questions. You want it, we want it, come and get it!

Canexas y Mexas! Everything’s bigger in Texas, so it felt like the right place to go big with a deeper commitment to moving toward international standards. Canada and Mexico, just to name two neighboring countries, have some unique things going on regarding standards that we are eager to share.

Networking/Social Events. These are conference standards, we realize, but there’s something extra special about the RESO gatherings that follow a day of meetings. We purposefully limit the size of our crowd, so you really can spend meaningful time with everyone in attendance to advance your goals and objectives.

Pain Points. We are making a few minor adjustments to one of our signature sessions this year, adding more time on day 1 to discuss how we are adjusting to past Pain Points items and allowing for more time to not just state areas of pain but to immediately suggest ways to fix them.

RESO Common Format. Learn from the experts how this popular new formatting initiative will further our commitment to internationalization by allowing the Data Dictionary to be consumed in the agnostic and widely used JSON data format.

UPI 2.0. The Universal Property Identifier (UPI) has received a boost over the past year. Major MLSs and MLS vendors are now implementing it into their product. With other organizations considering their own property ID, it is time to bolster our offering, broaden its scope and consider adjustments that will reduce possible duplication even further.

PAT, MAT, CAT, RAT, PAR, MAR, CAR, RAR. What is even happening at RESO?! If you’ve been to a recent workgroup meeting or you were at the last RESO conference, maybe you’ve seen a new acronym or six. In the end, it all comes down to the greatest market alignment tools (or reports) this industry has ever seen. See how they are developing and contribute directly to their evolution.

In-Person Workgroup Meetings. Our workgroups are active over Zoom all year, but you only get to collaborate this closely on important new real estate tech twice per year. These opportunities should not be missed, and this year we are increasing the emphasis on advancing the “work” in the workgroups with more in-conference advancements and less time spent on review.

Tell Your Story. Share how standards have improved your business at the RESO Roundtables session or possibly be featured in RESO’s Three Questions series, in which all interviews are conducted in person. If you are at a RESO conference, it is already assumed that you are an interesting person. Express yourself!