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We’re two weeks away from RESO Remote Encore: The Standards Collection! Our Record Room is filling up fast with reimagined album covers and our #StandardsAreClassic sleeveface game is heating up on social! We’re happy to see so many people playing along in the lead-up to our virtual stadium show.

We are officially past the registration numbers achieved during our first virtual event! We couldn’t put this together without you, and we’re eager to share fresh content, exciting industry advances and time spent “together” very soon.


Sleeveface Contest Sponsored by – Win a Record Player! | #StandardsAreClassic

The #StandardsAreClassic #RESOremote game, sponsored by continues to impress! Please keep those submissions coming! | GAME DETAILS

Join the #StandardsAreClassic social game leading up to and during our RESO Remote Encore: The Standards Collection virtual fall conference, October 27–29, 2020.

Simply grab a vinyl record from your collection (or print a photo) and snap a pic showcasing your best “sleeveface.” Basically, you complete the space outside of the album image.

When you’re happy with your result, share it on Twitter, tagging @RESOstandards, and using the hashtags #RESOremote and #StandardsAreClassic. We will feature photos in a gallery on our event web page.

This sleeveface game, sponsored by, is ongoing right now and ends October 28.  The winner will receive a record player and will be chosen via vote among attendees to be announced on the final day of the event.

Show off your creativity and love for the standards – both data and musical! If you have any questions, please contact

Please note that you must be a registered RESO Remote Encore attendee in order to be eligible to win, but all are welcome to make creative submissions.



RESO Remote: Encore – The Record Room

Please follow the link to enter our RESO Remote: Encore “Standards Collection” Record Room! | VISITORS

This week, CoreLogic and CRS Data both stepped up with some fantastic entries for Def Leppard’s Hysteria and Bob Dylan’s Oh Mercy. Pour some sugar on these and wonder no more what it’s gonna take to find dignity.

RESO Remote Encore: The Standards Collection will be held October 27–29, 2020. | REGISTER NOW


All original album artwork is the property of the rights holders, and derivative artwork created from the source material is used reverentially for entertainment purposes by the Real Estate Standards Organization, a not-for-profit trade organization. Images used are not endorsed by the artists, nor do the artists represent any connection with RESO, CoreLogic or CRS Data.


12 Reasons to Attend RESO Remote Encore!

“Turn it down you say, but all I got to say to you is – time and time again, I say – No! No! No! No!” – Twisted Sister

You want to rock? (Rock!) You want…to…rock? (Rock!)

We do! And the wait is almost over! There are only a few weeks left until we kick off our second virtual conference, RESO Remote Encore: The Standards Collection, October 27–29, 2020. | VIEW ARTICLE


New FAQ Answers the Basic MLS Questions You All Get

How many MLSs are thereFrequently Asked Questions About MLSs
We have compiled what we believe is a definitive FAQ for people entering the world of real estate who need to know the basics about MLSs. We know that our members already know this stuff, but we share this with you so you have a resource to share with those who call and email you cold wanting to know how to get access to real estate data. We know that you get those inquiries, because we get them, too. A lot. | VIEW FAQ

The FAQ answers questions about MLS history, ownership, membership, rules, and more. We also want more people to know about the RESO certification map and the fact that you can download a list of all North American MLSs, associations, and other real estate organizations. More technology companies and brokers will be added to the list soon! You can learn more about the map and about the Unique Organization Identifier (UOI) at the RESO Remote Encore conference during one of the two roundtable sessions.

Sample: How many MLSs are there?
As of 2020, there are 597 MLSs in the United States. That number shrinks annually due to regional consolidation of MLSs. Canada has a comparative handful of MLSs (39) which serve the entire country. In most countries, MLSs either do not exist or they do not enjoy the broad market share that North American MLSs have. You can view RESO-certified North American MLSs on RESO’s MLS Map and download a more complete list of MLSs, associations, and other real estate organizations.


The Leaders Have Emerged — and They’re Retiring RETS

Most of the real estate industry is driving its data around in a clunky, decades-old car. But now, leading MLS technology organizations are finally helping us trade it in for a newer and more efficient model.

RESO CEO, Sam DeBord, wrote a piece for Inman that some of you may be able to see. | VIEW ARTICLE (REQUIRES SUBSCRIPTION)


RESO Committees and Workgroups

Note: Most links to workgroup information require member login to RESO’s online collaboration environment, Confluence.

A Notice to RESO Transport Members

There are a number of items posted for review. Please provide feedback ASAP, as these items are critical to reissuing our Data Dictionary and Web API certification specifications. Votes on these items will occur in upcoming meetings, including during our RESO Remote Encore fall conference. | PLEASE DISCUSS AND COMMENT HERE

The next Certification Subgroup meeting will be on Thursday, October 15, at 4:00 pm ET / 1:00 pm PT.

Certification Subgroup Meeting | October 1, 2020

Meeting Summary: A presentation of the progress on the Data Dictionary 1.7 testing tool was demonstrated, both on RESO reference metadata as well as on a live server (thanks, FBS). The DRAFT Payloads Testing Specification was reviewed, followed by a discussion of general Lookup models and potential implementation options. | VIEW CALL NOTES

Action Items

  • Track down the Lookups portions of prior RETS specifications.



Workgroup Meetings This Week

  • October 13: Cross-Platform Interoperability
  • October 14: UPI Registry (Subgroup of UPI)
  • October 15: Certification (Subgroup of Transport)
  • October 16: Unique Licensee Identifier (ULI) (Subgroup of Research & Development)
DLU October 13th, 2020