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We hope your Labor Day weekend was restful (RESTful?) and that you’re prepared for the sudden shifts that occur in the -ber months – changing schedules, changing weather patterns, changing colors. 

We are on full ramp toward the next RESO conference, so you’ll continue to see us promote news to that effect, but we’ll continue to mix in new member announcements, blog posts, and workgroup activities. Always striving for reliability!


New Member

We would like to welcome Foyer to the RESO family. Welcome aboard! We look forward to seeing more of you.


Register the Whole Dang Team! No Limits! No Fear! 

RESO Remote Encore: The Standards Collection, October 27–29, 2020
  • Individual Registration: $99 for members & $149 for non-members
  • Group/Team Registrations: 5 for $450, 10 for $800 and 20 for $1500 

If you were already registered for RESO Fall, we will move you to RESO Remote Encore. A credit will be applied to your account for the difference. That credit can be used to a) register more attendees from your organization or b) go toward your 2021 membership renewal.

Please note that if you are registering as a “non-member,” you will be prompted to create an account when you visit the event registration link.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact

Many community experiences and personal touches will be packed into the event in order to keep the mood light while keeping the productivity heavy. | REGISTER TODAY


What’s in a Conference Theme?

For our upcoming #RESOremote Encore event, we’ve been releasing album covers with a RESO twist for our “standards collection.” Music is often a communal and collaborative experience, and community contribution is at the heart of what RESO achieves in the real estate industry. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift may be a relatively new “standard,” but, hey, so is RESO. We celebrate originality, creativity, and exceptional songwriting that will never go out of style with the release of Miss Swift’s wonderful 1989.

We substituted the year of her birth (1989) for RESO’s year of incorporation (2011). Fill your calendar’s #BlankSpace and join us on October 27th for #RESOremote Encore. Avoid jealousy-induced #BadBlood with other attendees and register today!


For last week’s second release, we move from a reigning pop music queen to, well, Queen. The numeric title parallels our second #RESOremote. Freddie even joined in on the #RockYourRESO fun!

Don’t be the #LoserInTheEnd and miss out on a rockin’ #RESOremote Encore. Reserve your spot today!

Check out all of our recently released album covers here!

All original album artwork is the property of the rights holders, and derivative artwork created from the source material is used reverentially for entertainment purposes by the Real Estate Standards Organization, a not-for-profit trade organization. Images used are not endorsed by the artists, nor do the artists represent any connection with RESO.


Call for Speakers

We are still looking for industry experts with terrific topics who are excellent presenters from MLSs, real estate brokerages, real estate technology partners, and other technology firms, as well as start-ups that intersect with real estate data.

If you have industry knowledge of data standards and/or the real estate industry, we are also looking for moderators who are skilled at facilitating engaging discussion. Interested? Visit our Speaker Presentation Request page for details, and make your submission today!


From the RESO Blog

Let RESO-Standardized Data Choose Your Next Brokerage Office Location
As we approach the RESO Remote Encore: The Standards Collection event in just over a month, we revisited a talk given by Eric Stegemann, CEO of TRIBUS, from RESO’s last fall conference in Eric’s hometown of St. Louis.

He delved into how MLSs can use RESO-standardized data fields to help brokerages make better decisions – like choosing broker office locations – by passing through more data to brokers and their vendors. | READ BLOG POST OR WATCH VIDEO


RESO Committees and Workgroups

Note: Most links to workgroup information require member login to RESO’s online collaboration environment, Confluence.

Research & Development Workgroup Meeting | September 3, 2020

Meeting Summary: The Unique Licensee Identifier (ULI) has clearly become the main focal point of the R&D Workgroup in 2020. Not only is it currently the only business case being discussed regularly at this time, but it has its own subgroup. Some elements of that business case will be brought back into R&D, while the group continues to farm other workgroups and RESO Board of Director’s initiatives for new material to research and develop. | CALL NOTES

Action Items:

  • Cancel the graphics-related Business Cases for now.
  • Consider whether or not we should recommend a Voice Tagging Standardization Subgroup under the purview of Data Dictionary.
  • Include more ULI “elevator pitch” discussion during the next R&D Workgroup meeting.
Certification Subgroup Meeting | September 3, 2020

Meeting Summary: The group discussed the proposal for a Lookups Resource for enumerations (RCP-032) for the majority of the meeting, also comparing it to the OData Allowed Values approach (RCP-030). There was then a review of the Data Dictionary 1.7.0 and Web API Core 1.0.2 proposals and a progress update on the testing tools. | CALL NOTES

Action Items:

  • Continue discussing RCP-030 and RCP-032 during the September 17 Certification Subgroup meeting.
Unique Licensee Identifier (ULI) Subgroup Meeting | September 4, 2020

Meeting Summary: Although the topics being covered every other week in the ULI Subgroup meetings can become wide-ranging, this particular meeting began to focus back toward an elevator pitch to give to the industry at large at the next RESO conference. There are still some big determinants to consider before beginning any kind of work on a ULI, but achieving a stronger foundation based on recognizing the business problem, visually scoping out possible solutions and explaining the potential impact to all stakeholders is the agreed-upon next move. | CALL NOTES

Action Items:

  • Create a visual elevator pitch for the next RESO conference to enhance industry buy-in.
  • Further documentation in the ULI Business Case toward the business problems being solved, the scope of the solution and the impact of the ULI on the industry.
  • Track an ongoing “living document” repository of best matching practices.
  • Focus on drawing rules ahead of determining the technology to be used.
Board Liaison Committee Meeting | September 4, 2020

Meeting Summary: This meeting is held once per month in order to give workgroup chairs an opportunity to converse about their top agenda items, request help from each other and provide summary reports to the RESO Board of Directors. Each report is provided as part of the meeting agenda and call notes. | CALL NOTES

Action Items:

  • Specific workgroup action items are contained within the reports, but additional items discussed during the meeting are captured here.
  • Internet Tracking will continue to track down and work with showing solutions for participation/overview of summary field data set. There are Data Dictionary ramifications for showing data, as well, so Data Dictionary and Internet Tracking will work together on putting some new items in the pipeline.
  • Assure that Broker Advisory’s Working with Real Estate Data guide contains material that comes from a certification source.
  • Data Dictionary will work with Payloads on Tax Subgroup items, once tax-related metadata is collected.


Workgroup Meetings This Week

  • September 8: Cross-Platform Interoperability
  • September 8: Transport
    • Call notes for both meetings will be available soon in Confluence and meeting summaries will be shared in next week’s blog.