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We’ll be keeping the RESO Remote Encore: The Standards Collection event on your mind in the coming months, but we don’t stop there.

This week, we welcome a new member, share our conversation with Jeffrey Bratton from Southwest MLS, promote our willingness to participate in member livestreams (and podcasts!), highlight a call for participation in the Broker Advisory Workgroup (which meets this week!) and summarize last week’s workgroup activity.

Have a good week and please stay safe.



New Member

We would like to welcome Rental Beast to the RESO family. Welcome aboard! We look forward to seeing more of you.



“RESO Remote Encore: The Standards Collection”, October 27–29, 2020:

Registration is Open!

Please note that if you are registering as a “non-member,” you will be prompted to create an account when you visit the event registration link. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact

If you were already registered for RESO Fall, we will move you to RESO Remote Encore. A credit will be applied to your account for the difference. That credit can be used to a) register more attendees from your organization or b) go toward your 2021 membership renewal.

Many community experiences and personal touches will be packed into the event in order to keep the mood light while keeping the productivity heavy. | REGISTER TODAY!

Call for Speakers

Image may contain: text that says 'RESO call For Speakers! 周'We are looking for industry experts with terrific topics who are excellent presenters from MLSs, real estate brokerages, real estate technology partners and other technology firms, as well as start-ups that intersect with real estate data.

If you have industry knowledge of data standards and/or the real estate industry, we are also looking for moderators who are skilled at facilitating engaging discussion.

Interested? Visit our Speaker Presentation Request page for details, and make your submission today!

What’s in a Conference Theme?

For us at RESO, having a theme to wrap our gatherings around helps create a mini-mission statement that can also serve as a source for inspiration and enjoyment. For our musical theme this year, we researched music from the last 70 years that might be considered “the standards” by different generations of music fans. Music is often a communal and collaborative experience, and community contribution is at the heart of what we achieve in the real estate industry. We had fun with the topic by spoofing on album covers that are largely considered iconic or on their way to becoming so. Over the next several weeks, we are highlighting some of our efforts.

This week, we highlight Pink Floyd’s 8th studio album, Dark Side of the Moon, often voted as the most iconic album cover in rock history. We purposefully flipped the prism. Rainbow of Ideas + RESO = Singularly Focused, Beautiful Standards!

So queue up your hi-fi, get The Wizard of Oz set up on the telly, sync ’em up and settle in. If you listen intently when Dorothy listens at the Tin Man’s chest, you can faintly hear Sam DeBord say “interoperability” under the album outro.



RESO Socks in the Wild!

RESO staff were rocking their socks last weekend, but we’re guessing that many of you aren’t really wearing shoes all that much during the week.

Join the sock hop, and snap a pic with your sock swag. Share by posting to #RockYourRESO, and you may see your feetsies in a future RESO Weekly Activity or social media post.


Bonus: Did we mention that RESO Remote Encore registration also includes a sweet swag bag with a conference t-shirt and several surprise items?!




From the RESO Blog

Role of Standardized Data in Monitoring Tech Adoption and Engagement
Next year will mark the 100th anniversary of the Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS® (GAAR), a RESO member and perennial change leader committed to employing leading-edge technology that embraces RESO standards.

In a video interview, Jeffrey Bratton, MLS Manager at Southwest Multiple Listing Service (SWMLS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of GAAR, discussed vendor needs and the importance of RESO involvement (including RESO event attendance) in monitoring tech adoption and subscriber engagement. | VIEW BLOG POST Livestream with Sam DeBord


Great fun! RESO CEO Sam DeBord participated in a livestream with employees to talk about real estate technology and innovation – topics that both RESO and embrace fully together.

If you would like to share some quality video time with Sam or other RESO staff, reach out to us or join us at one of our workgroup meetings.




Broker Advisory Workgroup Looking for New Members – Meeting TODAY! 8/25/20

David Gumpper, Chair of the Broker Advisory Group, put out a call on LinkedIn for more participation in the group from real estate brokers. This kind of outreach is always appreciated, and we encourage it from all members, chairs and workgroup enthusiasts.

“Are you a member of the Real Estate Standard Organization (RESO)? If not, you should come join the fun. If you are member, save the date and time for the next Broker Advisory Group meeting on Wednesday, August 26, at 1:00 pm ET / 10:00 am PT. #realestate #realtors #reso #datastandards #mlspolicy”



RESO Committees and Workgroups

Note: Most links to workgroup information require member login to RESO’s online collaboration environment, Confluence.

Internet Tracking Workgroup Meeting | August 19, 2020

Meeting Summary: The bulk of this conversation revolved around the notion of a RESO Standard Event Model. Now that we have competing event models in place across the RESO workgroups, it would be wise to narrow the scope and unify the approach so there aren’t troubling collisions down the line. Today’s conversation will be had in several workgroups in order to coordinate efforts toward a meaningful standard that meets the needs of all stakeholders. | CALL NOTES

Action Items

Data Dictionary Workgroup Meeting | August 20, 2020

Meeting Summary: Several topics were covered during the meeting, with two items receiving formal vote for approval to be added to Data Dictionary 1.8 (a new EventTarget for TikTok and adding a UniqueLicenseeIdentifier field to the Member Resource). The group also covered MemberStateLicenseState, Notification (Messaging) Resource, Authorization Information for Data Consumers, Caravan and the RESO Standards Event Model. | CALL NOTES

Action Items

  • Work on enumerations for MemberStateLicenseState.
  • Make an update to the Authorization Information for Data Consumers Discussions Forum item in Confluence; make a request for the types of specific information involved and what information is desired.
  • Possibly form a subgroup around the topic of authorization information for data consumers.
  • Form a subgroup around caravans.
  • Determine if we want a common RESO Event Model and how to go about creating it.
  • Update Data Dictionary 1.8 Draft with new items.
Certification Subgroup Meeting | August 20, 2020

Meeting Summary: The Certification Subgroup reviewed the Web API Core Testing Specification in preparation for it to be sent to Transport. External enumerations were also discussed, and the group approved of the direction of creating an RCP for location-based lookups. | CALL NOTES

Action Items

  • Post RCP for Lookups resource.
  • Post RCP for Lookups resource to DD Discussion Forum for review.
  • Post Web API Core testing specification.
  • Update Data Dictionary testing specification to include String data types for the location-based enumerations shown above.
Unique Licensee Identifier (ULI) Subgroup Meeting | August 21, 2020

Meeting Summary: As 2020 has progressed, the ULI has been presented to a variety of audiences – from ARELLO and NRDS to MLS vendors and now to association management systems personnel. Although it sometimes seems like the conversation goes back to the beginning, each group has advanced the discussion to a point it needs to reach in order to move forward through all potential stakeholders in the development of a ULI that not only works but is universally adopted. Many of the summer’s key topics are now synopsized in this meeting’s notes. | CALL NOTES

Action Items

  • Invite more AMS staff to the next ULI meeting. (Many have already reached out or have been volunteered by meeting attendees.)
  • Begin to focus on drawing the rules ahead of determining the technology to be used.
  • Establish a “living document” to track best matching practices for data fields.
  • Continue to expand the data pilot in the Pacific Northwest and a second data pilot in New England.


Workgroup Meetings This Week

  • August 25: Distributed Ledger
  • August 26: Broker Advisory
  • August 26: Universal Property Identifier (UPI)
  • August 27: Payloads
  • August 27: Tax (Subgroup of Data Dictionary)