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As we delve into the dog days of summer, we’ll keep the RESO update brief this week – brief but full of Grade A beef. We lead off with our official announcement that the RESO fall conference will again be remote, followed by some advice from Showcase IDX for tech companies that want to work with the RESO Web API, a repeated call for your lovely faces in Confluence and closing with RESO workgroup updates, including the call notes of the first Tax Subgroup meeting.

We see you on your camping getaways and watery retreats. We feel the heat of the sun and the news cycle. We hope that your August is beginning on the right track.


This Fall We’re Going Virtual AGAIN! Join Us For…

RESO Remote Encore: The Standards Collection

Our 2020 Spring RESO Remote technology summit, though forcibly moved online due to COVID-19, turned out to be one of our most successful conferences ever in terms of attendance and member engagement. There was a definite sense of “we’re in this together” that carried through the event that we expect to recapture this fall. The pandemic continues forth, so the inevitable decision to move the event online was upon us, and we are even more ready this time.

Although we will miss seeing you all in person, we will include many community experiences and personal touches to keep the mood light while keeping the productivity heavy.

We’re going with a musical theme this year, inspired by a desire to return to communal experiences as soon as possible and by the classics, or rather “standards” – some older, some newer – that both critics and fans agree to make for an unforgettable listening experience or at least include an iconic album cover. Watch this space for some RESO twists on beloved standards!

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be releasing a direct registration link as well as highlight various aspects of RESO Remote Encore, starting with a CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS. We are looking for industry experts with terrific topics who are excellent presenters from MLSs, real estate brokerages, real estate technology partners and other technology firms, as well as start-ups that intersect with real estate data.

If you have industry knowledge of data standards and/or the real estate industry, we are also looking for moderators who are skilled at facilitating engaging discussion. Interested? Visit our Speaker Presentation Request page for details, and make your submission today!

All original album artwork is the property of the rights holders, and derivative artwork created from the source material is used reverentially for entertainment purposes by the Real Estate Standards Organization, a not-for-profit trade organization. Images used are not endorsed by the artists, nor do the artists represent any connection with RESO.


From the RESO Blog

The Tangible Value of the RESO Web API for a Well-Established Tech Company 
Showcase IDX is used to power more than six million consumer searches on agent and broker websites annually. According to their website, agents using Showcase IDX also saw 83 percent more traffic from Google, and the company has maintained a top-ranking status as one of the best IDX WordPress plugins for real estate.

As an involved RESO member and dedicated data standards advocate, Showcase IDX is helping to drive nationwide adoption of the RESO Web API. In a video interview, Kurt Uhlir, Chief Marketing Officer at Showcase IDX, dove into a discussion about the value of the RESO Web API for technology firms.

“MLSs are shifting to it, even if they are currently maintaining two feeds,” said Uhlir. “They’re going to have less technical debt going forward, so it saves them time now, and it will save them even more money going forward.” | READ MORE


Collaborate Completely With RESO

Confluence: Not Just the Junction of Two Rivers by G. Sax
Maybe you’re a regular within RESO’s collaborative workspace known as Confluence, or maybe this is the first you’re learning that there is a whole world underneath your membership where YOU can be a direct part of the solutions being solved for the real estate industry. We will always share the happenings of our workgroups within this weekly update, in posted monthly meeting “Call Notes” and on our public-facing website,, but the best details about each workgroups efforts are happening in Confluence. In addition, you can find a full calendar of all RESO meetings, past conference presentations, and even other members. Which brings us to…

Share Your Head Shots!
RESO is a better organization when it is open and transparent, which is why it would be wonderful if more of you included an image with your profile. Much like the gray silhouette of Facebook or LinkedIn or the famed Twitter egg, it’s much less enjoyable to interact with someone you can’t see. So please consider adding a photo or updating the one you created five years ago.

How: After logging in, select your profile in the upper right corner at Then select Picture on the left side of the screen. Upload a new image here and size as you see fit.


RESO Committees and Workgroups

Note: Most links to workgroup information require member login to RESO’s online collaboration environment, Confluence.

Distributed Ledger Workgroup Meeting | July 28, 2020

Meeting Summary: The workgroup has been presented with a specific worksheet format to submit its Event Model to the Data Dictionary Workgroup. This meeting kicked off the filling out of that worksheet, complete with a healthy discussion and data entry. The worksheet will be turned into a shared document and completed by the group for resubmission before the next Data Dictionary Workgroup meeting. The group also discussed the creation of educational videos to help support the Event Model. | CALL NOTES

Action Items

  • Continue to fill out the Data Dictionary Workgroup worksheet for resubmission.
  • Create educational video(s).
Tax Subgroup Meeting | July 29, 2020

Meeting Summary: This first meeting of the Tax Subgroup provided a free-flowing discussion about the scope and purpose of the subgroup and how to go about adding or adjusting tax elements to the standard in a meaningful way that could newly allow for RESO certification for tax authorities by way of a tax payload. The group voted to start by leveraging the Property Resource and additional resources and then to further define Tax with a grouping and a payload. | CALL NOTES

Action Items

  • Reach out to CoreLogic, Black Knight and other aggregate data collectors to see if they will participate in metadata collection.
  • Share as much of the MPAC worksheet with the group as allowed.
  • Schedule the next Tax Subgroup meeting.


Workgroup Meetings This Week

  • August 6: Research & Development
  • August 6: Certification (Subgroup of Transport)
  • August 7: Unique Licensee Identifier (ULI) (Subgroup of Research & Development)
  • August 7: Board Liaison Committee


DLU August 4th, 2020