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This week we welcome a new member, dive into the WAV Group’s 2020 Data Services Survey (particularly as it relates to RESO), and highlight the happenings of not one, not two but five workgroup meetings last week!

Since we want you to look at the most important conversations taking place in RESO’s virtual conference rooms, we’ll keep it tight.

We’ll return after the Independence Day holiday – RESO’s “office” is closed on Friday, July 3 – ready to regale you with more from the wonderful world of real estate technology standards. Have a safe (in more ways than usual) and a happy holiday with friends and family. If you have a doggo, be extra loving. BANG! POP! KATY! PERRY!


New Member

We would like to welcome DLT Global to the RESO family.  Welcome aboard!


From the RESO Blog

Broker Pain Points, RESO Solutions Highlight Tech Survey

RESO’s Broker Advisory Workgroup is hosting discussions that illustrate ongoing pain points for brokerages.

Access to data is at the top of the list. Brokers regularly cite high costs for MLS data – which brokers consider to be their own – and access to data in general as ongoing concerns.

Brokers regularly turn to aggregators to clean up the data they receive from multiple MLS sources. Data consolidation and normalization are needed, as data directly from MLSs often varies dramatically and presents challenges.

WAV Group reached out to customers of several leading MLS technology and service providers for its 2020 Data Services Survey to learn what services customers want to see from their providers and how RESO standards can help to pave the way. 


RESO Committees and Workgroups

Note: Most links to workgroup information require member login to RESO’s online collaboration environment, Confluence.

Distributed Ledger Workgroup Meeting | June 23, 2020

Meeting Summary: The workgroup passed Event Model 1.5 for submission to the Data Dictionary Workgroup. An introductory letter and 3-minute video about the model will also be submitted. | CALL NOTES

Action Items

  • Create a video to accompany the submission of RESO Event Model 1.5 Draft to the Data Dictionary Workgroup.
  • Submit Event Model 1.5 document, introductory letter and an introductory video to the Data Dictionary Workgroup.
Universal Property Identifier (UPI) Workgroup Meeting | June 24, 2020

Meeting Summary: The group spent the majority of the meeting focused on advancing the topic of Property SubTypes. With the UPI continuing to gain traction, a natural evolution of the model is to pinpoint accurate units within larger buildings. Next month, the UPI Registry API is going to have its own dedicated meeting, and the workgroup will receive a presentation about how the UPI can work in Canada. | CALL NOTES

Action Items

  • Learn who volunteered to do a Python UPI repository.
  • Categorize SubTypes items larger archetypes.
  • Start thinking about certification rules/guidelines for the UPI.
  • Schedule Registry API meeting for July 8, 2020.
  • Anthony Percaccio will prepare a slide deck for the next meeting regarding Canadian UPI.
Payloads Workgroup Meeting | June 25, 2020

Meeting Summary: The workgroup welcomed Chris Freeman as the new vice-chair, confirmed that the Broker Back Office payload will be moving forward to the Board of Directors as a concept (prior to being part of certification) and discussed the notion of a “fixed IDX payload” and what that might entail for data setup and certification. | CALL NOTES

Action Items

  • Watch for policy/certification activity in RESO communications; consider sitting in on a Transport Workgroup meeting or Certification Subgroup meeting.
  • Be ready to look at data sets that could help the group sharpen its implementation model for payloads certification.
Certification Subgroup Meeting | June 25, 2020

Meeting Summary: The group voted to remove testing rules for case sensitivity of OData query parameters and added support for the OData ‘eq’ and ‘ne’ operators for enumerations. The draft specification for the new Data Dictionary testing tool was reviewed by the group, and there was much discussion about OData enum types, which have been overloaded with references to external enumerations in practice. | CALL NOTES

Action Items

  • Review and comment on DD Commander Specification Document.
  • Review item 5 and item 6 from the 2020-06-25 Cert Subgroup Agenda in preparation for future discussions on these items.
  • Attend July 6 Transport meeting to vote on the removal and addition of items from the last two meetings.
Unique Licensee Identifier (ULI) Subgroup Meeting | June 26, 2020

Meeting Summary: The group briefly discussed how best to access data sources from our list of possibilities. Representatives from NRDS have told us that we are not likely to get free access to their database but they would still like to discuss how NRDS can be made to fit into a ULI standard, meaning compatible with non-members. The meeting concluded with a call for active recruitment into the data pilot and a follow-up to the fields reviewed during the 2020-05-15 meeting. | CALL NOTES

Action Items

  • Follow-up meeting with representatives from NRDS.
  • Find more evangelists for the project, and invite them to the next meeting.
  • Research data sources further, especially CREA, vendors, and state associations.


Workgroup Meetings This Week

  • July 2: Research & Development

DLU August 3rd, 2020