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Partners in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Energy Information Accelerator (HEIA) are working to make reliable home energy information available in the real estate market place. The end goal is energyrelated data becoming easily available to home buyers and sellers through multiple listing services (MLS) and other reports so they can understand the full cost of owning a particular home to help maintain home owner affordability. Accelerator partners included real estate and energy efficiency leaders at the national, federal, regional, state, and local levels. The newly released HEIA Toolkit boasts resources, case studies, and lessons learned by HEIA partners as they worked to accomplish Accelerator goals.

RESO is proud to be one of the Home Energy Information Accelerator Partners that worked cooperatively, along with several other organizations in the industry, to establish reliable and standard home energy databases, engage local real estate industry stakeholders to enable use of this information, and build consumer awareness of and demand for home energy information.

Download the full Home Energy Information Accelerator Toolkit here.



DLU August 29th, 2018