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Technical Committee


The RESO Technical Committee will be comprised of no fewer than two members of the RESO Board of Directors, serving as Chair and Vice Chair. Additional Technical Committee members comprise of Technical Workgroup Chairs and Vice Chairs serving in the capacity of the committee only and not the RESO Board of Directors.

The purpose of the involvement from the Chairs and Vice-Chairs serves three primary functions:

  1. It allows greater transparency between the RESO Board of Directors and the RESO workgroups
  2. It provides a reporting mechanism for the RESO workgroups to the RESO Board of Directors
  3. It gives the workgroups a means to keep apprised of what’s happening in other RESO workgroups and discover possible avenues for synergy


In the interest of advancing RETS adoption in the industry, the RESO Technical Committee serves the following functions:

  • This committee will serve at the direction of the RESO Board of Directors
  • This committee will participate and collaborate with RESO-chartered technical workgroups in order to ensure synergy with other workgroups and the RESO Board of Directors
  • The committee will assist in determining the industry’s need for advancement of standards and support the Board’s selection of technical projects
  • The committee will serve as an Advisor to the RESO Board of Directors on all technical matters


Chad Curry is the committees chair. The committee meets monthly on the 1st Tuesday from 12:30 – 1:30 PM EST. If you want to learn more, contact info@reso.org.

DLU April 14th, 2016