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If the heart of RESO is our Workgroups, then our heartbeat originates from our Research & Development Workgroup. The R&D Workgroup is a collaborative effort that brings together representatives from all sectors of the real estate industry — brokerages, MLS firms and technology partners – whose work kick-starts the processes that create the changes that make a better future for our industry.

That may sound like a lofty statement, but it’s true: RETS standards, our new Data Dictionary standards, and our recently announced Final Web API v1.0.2 all started their journey by first being presented as business cases to our R&D Workgroup.

Think of the process RESO goes through as a giant funnel for the real estate industry. The RESO R&D Workgroup sits at the top of that funnel. This group is tasked with being the conduit for determining which business cases will fit within RESO’s work product and justify the involvement of RESO to create new standards. This is our entry point for information intake and task-decision making at RESO.

The key to the success of the R&D Workgroup is its members and having a diverse and complete representation from all sectors of our industry. If you are not a member of RESO, once you become one, joining the R&D Workgroup is a terrific first step and a great way to understand and appreciate the value of this organization and the standards RESO creates. It’s the perfect way to get your feet wet and to also learn how to navigate the workgroup structure at RESO. If you are already a member of RESO and are not a member of the R&D Workgroup, here are three perks that you get by joining this vital workgroup:

  1. A seat at the table: New ideas are vital to the future of RESO as we work together to provide a streamlined real estate industry. Becoming part of the R&D Workgroup puts you at the front door of the decision making process. Having a direct voice provides others valuable information and insight into how each business case is viewed by the sector of the real estate industry that you represent. Having a seat at the table means that R&D Workgroup members are able to make sure the industry focuses on the most important tasks that will positively shape the real estate industry across all sectors.
  2. Thought leadership: The R&D Workgroup is filled with some of the sharpest minds in real estate. Members take part in discussions with their peers that share bright, insightful perspectives from all sides of each issue. R&D members are looking to identify common issues and challenges that are widespread and also fit with the mission of RESO. As a member of the R&D Workgroup, you become an insider in the process and learn early on about proposed changes. Members are seen inside their firms and in the real estate business in general as being as well informed about technology standards and where the industry is heading next. This is the hallmark of thought leadership: Sharing experiences and perspectives that result in the creation of the best standards to advance industry collaboration. As an industry thought leader, members help directly advance what RESO is really all about: The adoption of standards that drive efficiencies throughout our businesses.
  3. Networking and Professional Development opportunities: Because the R&D Workgroup is comprised of representatives from all sectors of the real estate industry, it provides an exceptional forum for both online and in person networking and collaboration. Members get to understand what is going on by learning about business challenges in other marketplaces. This provides extensive cross-educational opportunities through networking. For example, something might not be happening in your market yet, but the networking opportunities RESO provides helps business and technology leaders discover from each other trends that are emerging, also allowing in advance of facing the same challenge, how others successfully responded to these issues.

RESO makes Workgroup involvement easier through an online task management software platform for discussions, assignment of tasks and document sharing. The R&D Committee uses regularly scheduled monthly GoToMeetings to make it even more convenient for members to share their ideas and their work product with their peers. More importantly, the RESO Spring and Fall Conferences are held in different major cities throughout the U.S. twice a year, giving workgroup members the opportunity to come together for face-to-face meetings, workshop sessions and social events. Conference attendees get many opportunities to interact personally with some of the real estate industry’s top business and technology executives in an intimate conference environment.

So if you are thinking about joining RESO, the R&D Workgroup is an excellent avenue for a new member to bring their perspectives and gain a seat at the table. For those who are already members of RESO, joining the R&D Workgroup accelerates not only your appreciation of the purpose of RESO, but helps you gain a thorough understanding of the RESO process. The goal remains the same for all R&D Workshop members: Working together to help positively shape the future of real estate.

Current RESO members can view the Research and Development workgroup details at and can join by simply emailing Non-RESO member organizations can easily signup online at and then email to join the R&D Workgroup.


DLU April 11th, 2016