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By: Jeremy Crawford, Executive Director, RESO

The RESO Board of Directors has just approved that initial RESO Web API Certification for all RESO members who are current on their Data Dictionary Certification will be at no additional cost. The original Web API push was fostered by policy from National Association of REALTORS®. As an effort to drive opportunities for innovation and efficiencies in transmitting listing information, the NAR requires that MLSs have the RESO Web API in place by June 30, 2016. That deadline is now just about a month away – and for the vast majority of MLSs – RESO Certification is now free!

The current NAR mandate for the WEB API, as a refresher, states: “…MLS organizations owned and operated by associations of REALTORS® are required to implement the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) Standards, including the RESO Web API by June 30, 2016.” To help accelerate the Web API certification process, the Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS) is hosting a free RESO Web API Webinar on June 14 to dig into the details and it’s open to everyone. The Webinar will feature Michael Wurzer, President of FBS, and Rebecca Jensen, President & CEO at Midwest Real Estate Data LLC. Registration and details are available online at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2473905935376217345.

More Good News

Today, the RESO Data Dictionary is now available to more than 1,100,000 members of Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) nationwide and that means the WEB API Certification process should be a breeze. It’s far less challenging than the Data Dictionary Certification process.

About the Web API

API is the acronym for “Application Program Interface.” For Multiple Listing Services, it is simply a way to transfer data that can eliminate the need to copy listing information between different servers. It is also the best way for an MLS to be the original and only source of MLS property data. As I have written before, an API makes everyone’s life simpler because it reduces the amount of time it takes for software developers to connect to, retrieve and organize listing data within a website, web application or another tool.

The Web API technology will deliver efficiencies in the collection and use of MLS data by participants, technology partners and MLSs.

Benefits of the Web API

The RESO Web API will translate into three big wins for the industry, including speedier development with more robust features, a faster path to listing data deployment, and simplification, as the Web API means eliminating the need to have multiple software solutions for multiple markets. Let me also steal a page from the NAR, which lists these RESO Web API benefits:

  • Provides MLS participants/subscribers with improved MLS data access including faster updates/results, increased security, and ease of use in displaying property information.
  • The RESO Data Dictionary standardizes all available data fields for software programing and eliminates the need to “map” local MLS data. This will not preclude MLSs from using local terminology for naming data fields.
  • Standardized data fields enable technology partners and programmers to develop tools, applications and other resources available from MLSs to MLS participants/subscribers without the challenges associated with locally implemented data definitions.
  • Less expensive for brokers and MLSs to reformat and use MLS data with a more mobile-centric focus.
  • Improved accuracy of MLS data with no degradation of information.
  • Gives MLSs and MLS participants/subscribers the same technology already being used by outside competitors, syndicators and aggregators.
  • “The next advancement in technology that REALTORS® deserve TODAY.”
  • “Plug and play for listing display.”

Making the Deadline

Last fall, when we were just two months away from the NAR mandated deadline for the RESO Data Dictionary, we only had a handful of MLSs Certified for the Data Dictionary. Yet, with the herculean efforts of our industry’s MLS leaders and MLS Technology Partners, together, we certified hundreds of MLSs in the home stretch. Each of your MLS technology partners has been outstanding at supporting the RESO Certification effort. They stand at the ready again to help you make the June 30th deadline. We want to applaud the MLS technology partner community for the tireless efforts they have put in to help their MLS partners stay compliant with NAR Policies.

We know it’s possible for the majority of the MLS industry to meet the June 30th Web API deadline, as the process should be much faster and easier. Remember that you get more information about the RESO Web API and you can download the entire standards specification for free on our website here. And for specific questions about RESO Web API Certification, just send an email to info@reso.org. To steal a phrase from Greg Robertson at Cloud CMA, we’re ready to make it rain the RESO Web API.

DLU December 1st, 2016