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Colorado’s largest MLS, REcolorado®, recently converted its native MLS database to the RESO Data Dictionary standard. This upgrade creates a RESO Platinum-certified foundation for the MLS and a more seamless technology experience for brokers, technology partners, agents and their clients.

REcolorado® joins the leading MLS organizations in the industry by investing in this innovation for its customers. Its native Data Dictionary-certified CoreLogic Matrix database will allow brokers and technology partners to:

  • Transfer data more easily
  • Onboard new technology faster
  • Create more robust integrations with many different tools

Upgrading an MLS software system is no simple task. With brokers and agents using MLS tools with their clients 24/7, transitioning systems can feel like running two trains in parallel and moving passengers between them at full speed.

MLS conversions and changes require significant planning and resources. Organizations like REcolorado® that understand the need to provide stronger technology experiences are investing those resources toward adopting standards to move the industry forward.

The efficiencies associated with a native Data Dictionary database are well known. When Stellar MLS in Florida converted to a native Data Dictionary database, its technology partners saw speed and accuracy improvements that greatly accelerated their work:

  • Remine’s implementation time was reduced by 75 percent.
  • MLS Grid’s onboarding time dropped from six weeks to three weeks.
  • RealScout estimates 10x faster integrations for new tech companies and significantly reduced customer training needs.

The real estate industry’s movement toward the unified adoption of standards is well under way. Native Data Dictionary implementations can provide a significant boost. The value of a real estate professional and the experience the consumer has with real estate technology are significantly strengthened by this progress.

Congratulations to REcolorado® and CoreLogic for pushing the industry forward with this streamlined technology foundation.

DLU February 24th, 2020