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With Greg Moore



Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) volunteer Greg Moore, Chief Technology Officer at RMLS, heads up the RESO Research & Development Workgroup. A 30-plus year veteran of real estate technology, Moore’s enthusiasm about the role technology plays in creating standards is contagious.


At RMLS, Moore had a chance to put into practice what he had been preaching – to move exclusively to RESO-compliant IDX feeds. This bold and trendsetting move by RMLS, under Greg and his team’s guidance, began with a commitment.

“We actually put a line in the sand,” Moore said in a video interview. RMLS required all IDX data feeds to be compliant with RESO standards.

The process was well-planned and communicated to all parties, he explained. Vendors were provided a 60- to 90-day period to make the switch. During the process, RMLS provided an end date for the stoppage of data feeds that were not RESO-compliant, coaxing laggers along the way.

“By the time it was turned off, it really was a nonevent,” said Moore. “No one called, no one was upset and no broker was harmed in the conversion.”

In the video interview, Moore shared the steps that MLSs need to take in order to make the switch to all RESO-compliant IDX feeds.

“The first step is, as an organization, you have to be committed,” said Moore. “You have to believe in the standard. The standard is serving us all very, very well, so you have to be committed all the way up to the CEO.”

He spoke also of being willing and prepared to step up and “help the few that struggle” because “at the end of the day, brokers are going to get served better.” | GET MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT WORKGROUP!

DLU January 27th, 2020