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It is a funny thing about life: If you refuse to accept anything but the best you very often get it.
      -W. Somerset Maugham

One of the things I like best about dynaConnections is our ability to live out the statement above, while also maintaining a cooperative and encouraging atmosphere. As an employee-owned company, it’s clear that a premium is placed on our office morale, yet at the same time we’re all consistently pushed to achieve and innovate in order to create MLS solutions that we can be proud of. It’s a creative, relaxed environment, but we also operate under the assumption that nothing but the best will move forward. From this mindset, the overtime hours of testing or thinking through possible ramifications for each release aren’t seen as anything extra, but just part of the process that makes us great. We hold connectMLS, and therefore ourselves, to a higher standard, and are more than willing to put in the time and effort required to maintain this ideal.

This principle was illustrated earlier this year by our successful Data Dictionary 1.3 certification. With ongoing updates to connectMLS and our continued commitment to responsive design, we didn’t necessarily need to prioritize this initiative. Frankly speaking, we have plenty of exciting things on our plate already that require our time and resources. We also, however, have great respect for the work that RESO is doing, and a long-term commitment to the organization. We genuinely believe that the Data Dictionary will help to elevate standards in the industry, and ultimately provide a better experience overall for our Clients as well as end-users.

So we put in the work. We logged extra hours, while continuing with simultaneous projects like our syndication feature, to ensure that we were one of the first to earn the certification. We refused to settle for a lax timeline that would get us there eventually, pressing on instead to remain early adopters of guidelines that we feel so strongly about. In doing so, it will be even easier for connectMLS to integrate seamlessly with other programs and for our Customers to create a plug-n-play environment. Equally important, however, is the hope that the commitment to RESO’s higher standard will limit the current barriers to innovation, and further drive MLS development overall. We’re doing ourbest to make the industry better.

For more information, feel free to contact us or schedule a time to meet with us at the upcoming RESO Fall Meeting in our hometown, Austin, TX!

DLU April 11th, 2016