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What RESO Means to You

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Industry standards are a vital component to drive real estate technology innovation that will directly benefit your brokerage. Every real estate brokerage technology that interfaces with MLS data – your IDX websites, your apps, your marketing technology, your CRM  — all benefit from the efforts of RESO.

More importantly, real estate brokerages often share similar challenges in dealing with MLS data, challenges that can be alleviate through your involvement in RESO.  As a RESO member, you’ll have a direct avenue to bring these issues to the forefront and RESO provides the forum that can create standards that that will remove these obstacles for all brokerages.

RESO also gives real estate brokerage owners and franchise executives a seat at the table where decisions are being made that will directly impact the future of real estate and specifically, your businesses.

By joining RESO, you become an insider in the process, learning about proposed changes, and provides your brokerage an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage as being best informed about technology standards and where the industry is heading next.

See more what RESO can do for you on our Member Benefits page.

What RESO Means to Your Firm

Real estate brokers today know that data is also your destiny, and brokers need to play a direct role in helping shape these new data standards by sharing their points of view. That’s why RESO membership for leading real estate brokerage owners and franchise executives is not an option: It is an industry necessity.

Through your participation in RESO, you will have an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of how standards directly impact your brokerage operation, and use that knowledge to help shape your organization’s future.

By attending RESO Conferences, you’ll also have the opportunity to engage with some brightest minds in real estate, offering you the ability to increase your own expertise and help advocate the adoption of new standards that you helped to create.

Getting Started

You can become a member of RESO online at our Join RESO page, by clicking here to complete the online application.

If you have specific questions, please contact Jeremy Crawford, Executive Director of RESO at Jeremy@reso.org.

DLU January 10th, 2018