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Association/MLS Executives

What RESO Means to You

The RESO standards are important! There are probably 1,000 different real estate data sources, most of them MLSs, and they all have a different way of expressing and transmitting real estate data. The RESO standards serve as a “Rosetta Stone” that mandates how to transmit and name the most common fields, along with data type and length. Those software developers who consume RESO compliant data see a tremendous benefit in two ways. One, the cost of assimilating different MLS data is a lot cheaper, and more importantly, the quality of the data goes up as data mapping errors and accidental disclosures go down.

Organizations that utilize the RESO standards paves the way to easily share information allowing partners to focus more on using the data rather than getting the data.

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What RESO Means to Your Data Partners

Following standards is by no means a one-way street. It is not good enough to only have the Associations and MLSs adopt the RESO standards but for the industry to thrive all of players including technology partners, IDX subscribers, web portal developers, syndicators and brokers must also participate.  Once your organization has adopted and certified the RESO standards you need to reach out to your data partners and ensure they also are following standards and have taken the time and effort to certify their results via the RESO Certification program.

Getting Started

The best way to begin is to have open dialog with your technology partners and data partners to ensure they understand real estate data standards and work out a plan for 100% RESO data standards adoption throughout your sphere of influence.

DLU July 19th, 2018