Chris Lambrou has spent nearly two decades in the MLS industry–from support to software development to management–and is currently Chief Information Officer of Metro MLS in the Milwaukee, WI area. Lambrou also chairs RESO’s Internet Tracking Workgroup.

In this short video, Lambrou highlights two primary benefits for an MLS to join RESO and three compelling reasons to attend a RESO conference. Lambrou notes it is a must do event for the real estate industry, stating, “collaborative environments are infectious.”

Peer networking allows attendees to “talk shop with others and see what they’ve tried,” he says. The three primary reasons to attend RESO’s annual conference, Lambrou says, are to learn from others’ challenges, from their successes, and to keep up on industry trends.

Lambrou explains that the content at a RESO conference and the collaboration it fosters provides enormous benefits for MLS professionals who attend. He notes that it can help MLSs to be leaders in their markets by learning about trends in the real estate industry “before they hit your market.”

As for joining RESO, Lambrou applauds those who volunteer their contributions to the RESO community and suggests that joining RESO is an industry responsibility. As he sees it, all MLSs have to address the need for standards. For MLSs that fear losing their individuality, Lambrou says, “you’re not going to lose your locality by having a hearing ear on what’s going on nationally.”

The bottom line for MLS and association leaders attending a RESO conference, says Lambrou, is “helping you better prepare your membership, wherever you are.”

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DLU January 27th, 2020