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The RETS Workgroup has been sunset as of April 2017, RESO will no longer be providing future versions of the RETS standard and the RETS v1.9 standard will be the last version of the RETS Standard released. RESO will also be discontinuing RETS Certification Services and issuing of RETS Certifications for Server and Clients as of July 1st, 2018. The real estate industry will continue to utilize the RETS Standard. RESO has released the RESO Web API standard as the latest standard for distributing real estate data. It is encouraged for MLSs, Brokers and Technology Partners to consider migrating over to the RESO Web API for the features and functions it provides above and beyond the RETS Standard, including supporting a mobile environment, a lightweight based JSON output, authentication through the OpenID Connect and OAuth2 global technology standards and OData for accessing and distributing data that is also a global technology standard for the transmittal of data.

DLU June 8th, 2018