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With Colette Stevenson, CEO of Hilton Head Island MLS




Collette Stevenson is a visionary leader in directing independent MLSs and providing service that rivals some of the largest MLSs across the nation. As the CEO of Hilton Head Island MLS, an independent MLS in South Carolina that serves approximately 1,600 members and affiliates, she’s been active in the real estate industry for more than 40 years and the MLS industry for more than eight years.

In this video interview, Stevenson explains how RESO data standardization helps to strengthen the position of the MLS in the real estate industry. “Because of the agility, you can become the champion in your marketplace,” said Stevenson. “You can be much more customized than you are able to do now. You become the big champion for an agent because you’re solving a lot of issues that they deal with on a daily basis.”

Stevenson believes that MLSs have more opportunities to provide a service that is customizable because data standards remove MLS service limitations that could be based on factors such as budget and staffing.

According to Stevenson, data standardization helps an MLS become a major advocate for agents by providing multiple product solutions for the kind of challenges that agents frequently face. She stated that RESO data standards make an MLS “kind of the facilitator of a lot of these products at a local level.”

In fact, Hilton Head Island MLS requires vendors to be RESO-compliant members and/or certification recipients in order to receive their data.

“The entire community has a responsibility to each other to participate in the process to achieve more understanding, better conversations and an optimal goal of making the market work,” said Stevenson. “All must be invested in our industry and be exposed to the value of RESO…to truly aid in a smoother data path to the consumer.”


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