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Principal, Business Development at CoreLogic

2019 BOD Nominee – Class B over $25M

    1. What are the three most important priorities or initiatives that RESO should pursue during the next two years?
    • Promoting adoption of data dictionary and Web API standards by the technology provider and broker communities.
    • Continued expansion of the RESO standards to maximize available fields in the data dictionary and standardize in areas where efficiency and benefit to real estate professionals can be gained.
    • Promotion of RESO as the leading standards organization in organized real estate.
    1. How do you see your contributions as a board member being utilized for realizing these priorities?
    • Today I represent one of the largest technology and data providers in organized real estate serving over 1 million agents in North America.  I also represent a product that distributes real estate data using the RESO standards. In addition, I have 22 years of business experience specific to MLS and real estate technology.

    I will be able to use my experience and relationships to help move the priorities for RESO forward.

    1. The Board meets regularly, via conference calls and some in-person. Board members also are called to serve on or chair committees and special task forces. Are you willing and able to meet the time requirements to serve as a director for a 2 year term?
    • Yes – it would be an honor and a pleasure to serve.