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Developer FAQ: Working with RESO

What benefits do I get by joining RESO, How can I apply for membership?

  • Joining RESO can bring many benefits no matter what role your organization plays in real estate. The benefits include being allowed to participate in workgroups which formulate and update the RESO standards, staying ahead of the curve and understanding what new standards and updates are being released in the future; having a vote and influencing the future of RESO and gaining direct access to other influential real estate partners participating in RESO forums, workgroups and conferences.
  • Lastly, having your organization contribute resources for the betterment and improvement of real estate standards within North America is something your organization can communicate to its associates and customers in helping the real estate industry.
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Who can make use of RESO Standards?

The primary players who help create and use RESO standards are the MLS, Brokers and Technology Partners to MLS/Brokers and the Real Estate Industry.

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What is RESO?

RESO (Real Estate Standards Organization) is a “not for profit” standards organization focusing on an environment for the development and implementation of real estate data standards and processes that facilitate innovation, ensure portability, eliminate redundancies and obtain maximum efficiencies for all parties participating in a real estate transaction.

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