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We’re still coming down from last week’s RESO Remix conference, which was another wonderful experience thanks to all of our attendees and the sponsors that help us put together formidable content enjoyable sources of entertainments. We’ll be generating blog posts, workgroup call notes, video shares and other items over the next weeks. You’ll be seeing fresh material on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and on our website. And we have more cooking.

RESO is Hiring!

RESO is currently hiring for two positions: Product Manager and Membership Manager.

The Product Manager ensures the progression of product planning and execution throughout the product life cycle, including: gathering and prioritizing customer requirements, aligning with the strategic plan and product vision of engineering and executive staff, setting and meeting product development timelines, and customer support to ensure satisfaction goals are met. The Product Manager will report to RESO’s CEO and ensure that products support the company’s overall strategy and goals.

The Membership Manager is responsible for coordinating logistics and details in membership and events as needed to support the organization’s strategic plan. The Membership Manager will report directly to the Chief Operating Officer.

Join us in leading real estate technology forward. | RESO CAREERS

The RESO staff team exemplifies excellence in teamwork. We share successes and challenges, working together in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. RESO is a fully remote, nonprofit trade organization that provides the foundation for streamlined real estate technology through the creation and certification of standards.


It was our third and hopefully final remote-only conference – only because we’re eager to see all of you again – and you helped us make it amazing.

Now we prepare for the RESO REtreat in Kiawah, SC. | SAVE THE DATE

New Members

RESO welcomes new members, Core7 Real Estate and Opendoor.

Core7 Real Estate is a San Francisco-based boutique real estate company focused on providing competent, ethical, personalized real estate representation to their clientele.

Opendoor is a digital platform for residential real estate that began in 2014 and operates in a growing number of cities and neighborhoods across the country with a mission to empower everyone with the freedom to move.

We’re glad to have them both as RESO members!

RESO Workgroups & Committees 

Every group met during the RESO Remix spring conference. Here are the highlights and full call notes from each session.

Broker Advisory Workgroup | April 20, 2021
The workgroup thanked outgoing chair, David Gumpper; shared that the Working With Real Estate Data course is now up and running; discussed the Listing Exchange and Access Policy (LEAP) policy, compensation information on public websites and The Experience Record as associated with the Unique Organization Identifier (UOI); and determined what topics the group would like to bring forth during the RESO Remix spring conference Pain Points session. | VIEW CALL NOTES

Cross-Platform Interoperability Workgroup | April 20, 2021
The meeting was primarily a recap of what the workgroup has accomplished and is working on by way of an entertaining and informative presentation. Topics covered included Transaction Management (TM) fields proposed for the Data Dictionary, the Industry Map and thoughts on what the group should work on next (e.g., CRM, offers, showings). | VIEW CALL NOTES

Internet Tracking Workgroup | April 20, 2021
The meeting was primarily a recap of the workgroup’s accomplishments and current topics of discussion by way of an entertaining and informative presentation. Topics covered included specs and proofs of concept related to Internet Tracking, implementation and data privacy. | VIEW CALL NOTES

Transport Workgroup | April 20, 2021
The Transport Workgroup and Certification Subgroup summarized the progression of their combined efforts over the last several months, including work on the new self-service certification tool, the Web API reference server, standards documentation, the Field resource, Payloads certification tests and other work in progress. | VIEW CALL NOTES

Research & Development Workgroup | April 21, 2021
The group summarized their efforts over the last several months, including three new business cases (Defining Multiple Uses in a Single Data Set, Licensee Display Rules and OUID to UOI Transition). An update was provided on Unique Licensee Identifier (ULI) advancement, including proof-of-concept participants and a Matching Algorithm Outline. | VIEW CALL NOTES

Payloads Workgroups | April 21, 2021
Workgroup vice-chair, Chris Freeman, presented a history of the Payloads Workgroup and his involvement in it followed by the activities of the group over the last several years (IDX and BBO payloads) and what’s coming (appraisal, tax, cooperative payloads). | VIEW CALL NOTES

Data Dictionary Workgroups | April 21, 2021
The chair provided an overview on how to participate in the workgroup; where to find the Data Dictionary; what versions of the Data Dictionary are in play; what subgroups have formed or are forming within the workgroup; and what topics are currently being discussed during workgroup meetings. Two of three recent items brought to the group went to vote, with Media Alteration and Internet Tracking passing for inclusion into DD 1.9 as proposed. | VIEW CALL NOTES

Universal Property Identifier (UPI) Workgroup | April 21, 2021
The meeting was primarily a series of presentations that recapped the workgroup’s efforts over the past several months, along with guest presentations from Anthony Percaccio about UPI adoption in Canada and from Rahul Asati about UPI adoption from Glide. The meeting’s chat included many questions and comments that will be shared with the workgroup chairs for further UPI development and workgroup topics over the course of the year. | VIEW CALL NOTES

Distributed Ledger Workgroup | April 21, 2021
The workgroup chair provided an updated on developments within the group over the last several months, including participation acknowledgements, definitions, proofs-of-concept, architectural notes and a presentation on the UPI Registry and Resolvers. | VIEW CALL NOTES


Workgroup Meetings This Week

Take the week off, RESO faithful!