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After brief welcomes from legendary pop culture icons, Paula Abdul and Ice-T (you heard that right), the RESO Remix spring conference opened the week of festivities with RESO Chair and MRED CEO Rebecca Jensen in an open chat with Realogy’s CEO, Ryan Schneider, about growing broker data needs. RESO has been working for many years to improve data for brokers and consumers and efforts are only ramping up.

Realogy is the real estate industry’s largest residential brokerage organization. Schneider made it clear that what RESO does is critical in a data-driven world. Real estate organizations need to work together to make data simple, accessible and useful on traditional as well as mobile and social media platforms during this important and transformative time in not just the real estate industry but in every industry.

RESO’s focus on simplicity and commonality is important, said Scheneider. Certification has been a primary focus at RESO, and ensuring that brokers have access to the kind of data needed to achieve innovative and profitable businesses is an organizational primary objective.

Schneider spoke about the complex ecosystem that exists today with hundreds of MLSs overlapping the country. Realogy works with virtually all of them, and they are not alone. RESO standards help Realogy with integrations as it builds open architecture tools used by broker franchises. A common API, like the RESO Web API, was noted as a powerful industry force.

To Jensen’s question on whether brokers are seeing actual cost savings from RESO’s efforts, Schneider said that they are seeing progress. Realogy and other companies like MoxiWorks are building ecosystems for brokers with multiple third-party tools, and modern APIs for cloud-based services are proving to be important in that regard.

Schneider thanked those who are making the investment with RESO, stating, “We live in a world where data is proliferating and incredibly valuable. It’s easy to go for bright shiny objects, but the power is in the consistency of the infrastructure.”

Schneider concluded, “I was passionate to come and join this conference because what RESO is doing is core for our industry, and we can individually innovate with data insights on top of that. We have an industry obligation to build this foundation.”

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